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Russell Automotive can help your car go the distance
Establishing a routine car maintenance and repair cycle is key for your vehicle’s longevity. Russell Automotive a NAPA AUTOPRO dealer is always your best bet. Our certified technicians have the expertise, know-how, and state-of-the-art tools to do the job right. They can help you keep your vehicle on the road longer and in good shape so that you can drive with peace of mind.

A Russell Automotive centre technician will prepare a maintenance schedule that reflects the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep in mind that all maintenance and repairs made at Russell Automotive while the vehicle is still under warranty are just as valid and legitimate as if they had been done by your dealer. Best of all, our automotive maintenance work is covered by our comprehensive 12 month/20,000 km Peace of Mind Warranty.

Regular Car Maintenance Seasonal Car Maintenance
Car Alignment Cabin Air Filter
Cooling System Differential
Engine Air Filter Fuel System Cleaning
Oil Change Windshield Wipers
Wheel Alignment Power Brakes
Serpentine Belt Spark Plugs
Steering Timing Belts
Tire Rotation and Balancing Transfer Case Service
Car’s Transmission

Auto Repairs and Diagnostics

Let Russell Automotive relieve any of the additional stresses that come with purchasing a vehicle. Buying a vehicle is typically a large expense and our expectations are that it lasts. In our ever changing climate and exposure to varying conditions in addition to the constant use of our vehicles they get worn down. Our center offers a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair services that will keep your vehicle running smoothly. Certified highly qualified technicians have state – of –the-art diagnostic equipment, tools and expertise to prevent costly automotive repairs. Set your appointment today, were we can make suggestions on a regular preventative maintenance program that will keep your vehicle in great condition for the long haul.