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What your car says about you

Cars speak volumes about their owners, like a good coat it’s a reflection of parts of your personality. Studies have shown that vehicle purchases are often driven by emotion. Now your average person may never admit that buying their car was as much emotional as it was financial.

Is it possible that a risk taker or flamboyant personality would be drawn to a flashy sports car?
Or that the driver of a 4×4 or truck wants to rule the world. We can’t forget about our steady as she goes sedan drivers. Really what does your car say about you? How you keep your vehicle moreover how you treat it says more about you than what model or make you drive.

Now there will always be status junkies who will strictly purchase a car for its value or social and economic status. With that said there are those who would buy that same vehicle because of its excellent workmanship.

My dad owns a big pickup truck, does that mean he’s aggressive or wants to drive through you on the highway? No, he needs it around the house to go to the dump and hardware store. Like him that truck is reliable and strong and gets the job he needs done. How he keeps it on the other hand says much more about him. Yes, your vehicle tells secrets about you.

It’s very likely that if you have a messy interior whereby you use it as extra storage space most commonly you tend to be less tidy and organized in other areas of your life. I’m not judging I’ve been known to toss an empty water bottle in the back seat or crumple up a Tim Hortons cup and shove it in my door panel.

Do you live in your car, meaning you carry with you the most important pieces of your life with you at all times? That emotional trigger is considered to be fear of loss or uncertainty. I know sales people who have more files in their back seat than their office are they worried about missing an opportunity or highly efficient?

I know someone who bought a car and never got an oil change or did a maintenance check on it until the car pretty much died. After bringing it to an auto technician who discovered this neglect was the reason for her cars early demise it makes total sense that her home is in the same condition with an unending list of tasks that need to be completed.

Now the same can be said about the vehicle owner who makes you wipe your feet before you get in the car when it’s sunny and dry outside never mind winter slush. What about the, “you can never eat in my car or touch the inside window” that leaves a finger print owner. That tells me your tidy and organized but it also speaks to your more than likely ridged or straight arrow nature.

All in all our vehicles tell a story much like we each do when we walk in a room or meet someone new. As we take care of ourselves on the inside and outside we should be cognizant of the parts or our life that are reflected in such interesting places as our cars. So next time you are in your vehicle take a look around and see if you can figure out what your car is saying about you.