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The Peace of Mind Warranty provided by Russell Automotive a certified NAPA AUTOPRO dealer provides you with 12 months/20,000 kilometers of stress – free coverage and protection on qualified labour and parts from Russell Automotive.

With worry-free protection on qualifying parts and labour performed at Russell Automotive a NAPA AUTOPRO service centre.

Your Peace of Mind Warranty is honoured at over 16,000 NAPA AUTOPRO and NAPA AutoCare locations across North America, and covers parts and labour for the repairs and services below for 12 months or 20,000 kilometers of use, whichever comes first:

Air conditioning, heating and climate control systems

Engine cooling systems
Engine performance, drivability services and repairs
Emission control system
Fuel systems
Electronic engine management system and other onboard computer systems (engine, body, brake and suspension computers), cruise control systems
Brake system
Starting and charging systems
Electrical systems
Exhaust system
Ignition system
Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints/U-joints, half-shafts and drive shafts
Clutches – clutch component or assembly repair and replacement
Other minor repairs


WHAT IS THE 10/400?
A no-charge 10 year/400,000 km limited warranty covering the repair or replacement of critical engine components, including your transmission or transaxle, when you have regular and continuous service maintenance and repairs performed at Russell Automotive


Professional associations or corporations who own or lease vehicles and who are primarily obligated to have their regular maintenance service and/or repairs performed at a dealership or retail automotive service centre.
For coverage, your vehicle must have less than 60,000 km and have been manufactured within the last 48 months.

*For complete Car Warranty Terms and Conditions, click here. Competition, agriculture/farming, mining, diesel and commercial vehicles do not qualify.


Consumer Obligations:  Russell Automotive consumers must record their vehicle mileage at the completion of the vehicle warranty registration. The Russell Automotive consumer must have regular and continuous service maintenance performed at Russell Automotive or any participating NAPA AUTOPRO facility in Canada in order to qualify. A regular service maintenance visit must include changing the qualifying vehicle’s engine, transmission, transaxle, transfer case (4 x 4 vehicles) and differential fluids with fluids that meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s requirements and at intervals that do not exceed the manufacturer’s requirements as prescribed in the vehicle’s owner manual under “severe service”, or as recommended by the vehicle’s (if so equipped) oil/fluids monitoring system, but in no instance can engine and driveline intervals exceed:

Engine Oil Changes:

Exceed 8,000 kilometers using conventional or semi-synthetic based lubricants or be greater than a 4 month interval between oil and filter changes, or
Exceed 10,000 kilometers using full synthetic based lubricants or be greater than a 6 month interval between oil and filter changes and

Driveline services:

Exceed 100,000 kilometers or be greater than 36 months between changes for transmission/transaxle/transfer case and differential fluid and filter changes
In addition, the Russell Automotive consumer must repair significant oil/fluid/coolant leaks and perform other necessary maintenance and repairs to prevent damage to the engine or driveline which meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s requirements. Russell Automotive consumers are required to keep all service and repair invoices as proof of performance, and will be required to submit proof of performance if a claim is submitted. Check with our Russell Automotive NAPA AUTOPRO service centre to keep your service history on file.